How to get Employment Visa L-1?

Employment Visa

L-1 Visa (Intra company transferee visa)

The L-1 visa, intracompany transferee, allows companies to transfer high level managers, executives, and employees with specialised knowledge from overseas to provide services in a similar capacity to a related entity in the United States.
It is a petition-based visa. L-1 has two categories: L-1A for managers and executives and L-1B employees with specialised knowledge.


  1. Petitioner requirements:
    1. The petitioner must be a U S or foreign firm, corporation, or other legal entity.
    2. The petitioner must be doing business as an employer in the U S and in at least one other country through a relationship including branch, subsidiary, or affiliate.
    3. The petitioner must establish employee and employer relationship with the intracompany transferee.
  2. Beneficiary requirements:
    1. The beneficiary employee must have worked abroad for one year for the foreign entity.
    2. L-1A category, the transferee must be working as a manager or executive in the organisation.
    3. L-1B category, transferees must have special knowledge of the organisation's products, services, research, technique or advance level of knowledge.

How can we help you?

  1. We advise on the use of the L1 route within organisations’ global talent mobility programs, from individual employee visa applications through to Blanket L petitions for companies to transfer multiple workers.
  2. We also advise on the costs and processing times involved in making an L visa application.
  3. We provide guidance on supporting documentation requirements to ensure your petition is complete and compliant.

L-1 Visa Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about L-1 visa:

  1. How long L-1 can stay in the USA?
    L-1A category allows for maximum initial stay of 3 years and L-1B allows for maximum initial stay of 5 years and may seek extension after that.

  2. Can L-1 apply for a green card?
    Yes, L-1 can apply for green card for himself and his dependents.

  3. Can an intracompany transferee (L-1 blanket petition) apply for L-1 visa directly at the U S Consular facilities abroad with first USCIS approval?
    Yes, if it meets the certain requirements.

  4. Can my spouse and children come with me?
    Yes as L-2

  5. Can L-2 spouse work in the US?
    Yes, on getting employment authorization document from the USCIS.